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Hair Joy Beauty Supply - Columbus Ohio

Hair Joy Beauty Supply - Columbus Ohio

Hair Joy Beauty Supply 

Hair Joy Beauty Supply Main

Store Information


 3531 Cleveland Ave.

Columbus, OH 43224

Phone (614)268-9777


Hair Joy Beauty Supply is the local store located in Columbus, Ohio!

First opened in 1983 and over the past 35+ years of our business here in Columbus area, we have provided only the best beauty supplies for our loyal customers with our superior, friendly and professional services. 

We have a variety of beautiful wigs (More than 1,000 wigs on display) and all the beauty supplies that you needed in our store, that other beauty supply shops cannot match the convenience that we can offer. Just come and visit our store and see it for yourself! 

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Hair Joy Beauty Supply Membership Card

Hair Joy Beauty Supply's Membership Card

Hair Joy Wig Selections!

Hair Joy Wig Selections!

Memorial Day 2021 - CLOSED!

Memorial Day 2021 - CLOSED!