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Hair (Wig) Care Instructions & Tips

Cleansing & Brushing Tips

 Shampooing Recommendation

  • It is recommended to shampoo weekly, or at least bi-weekly to maintain hair in healthy and stylish condition.

 When Shampooing

  • Moisturizing shampoo is highly recommended for cleansing. When shampooing hair after styled with hair spray and gel, be sure to make a full lather, and let it penetrate for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to wash off the residue completely.

 When Using Conditioner

  • Applying conditioner is a must after shampooing to replenish the elasticity and moisture level. Apply conditioner evenly to the hair and let it penetrate for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Use cold water to rinse off the conditioner. Using cold water adds shine and silkiness. It will also help minimizing static and comb damages when brushing.

 When Brushing

  • It is important to brush the hair starting from the bottom end of the hair, working your way up to the upper part. Loosened hair from braiding can be tangled with the hair from the weft that can create an environment for bacterial growth. Make sure to brush the hair starting from the bottom then moving up to the upper part of the hair, towards to the weft as close as possible to reduce tangling and scalp damage.

 When Treating Damaged Hair

  • To treat damaged hair from frequent heat styling or chemical treatment, use acid-base shampoo for cleansing and follow with deep conditioner and special hair care treatment.


Hair Managing Tips

 When Using Heat Styling Tools

  • Electronic Curing Irons / Flat Irons are highly recommended for styling. Keep in mind the following facts and control the temperature when using the electronic iron: When the temperature reaches 280 F (136 C), the heat starts to damage human hair cuticles. However, on premium quality human hair, using heat up to 400 F (244 C) is manageable with extra care. Make sure to use a heat protection hair product to protect the cuticles before & after styling when you use marcel iron designed for stove since you cannot control the temperature.

 When Static Occurs

  • Occasionally, depending on the weather & the material of your clothing fabric, static might occur. When it happens, restrain from using oil-based hair products and use water-based serums with high moisture level or use styling agent after mixing with water.

 When Trimming Spilt-Ends

  • It is highly recommended to get professional help from your stylist. Cutting the hair on your own with dull shears or razor can further damage the hair ends and cause more split-ends.

 When Sewing

  • When installing the hair by sewing, it is recommended to make base braids as small as possible. Bring the needle through the weft once, then place the needle under the weft line to wrap around the weft and hold, then repeat the process. This will prevent from hair shedding and create a flat-finish for the natural looking style and easy caring.


Miscellaneous Tips

 No Need for Chemicals

  • The human hair is the finest quality human hair with fortified nutrition & extra moisturization, use of additional chemical is not necessary.

 When Storing Left Over Hair

  • Always store remaining hair in its original box after the hair is completely dried. Wrap hair with protective tissue papers included inside the box or wrap with newspaper to retain moisture level before storing in the package.

 Reusable After Cleansing

  • Human weaving hair can be re-used or re-installed after appropriate maintenance & cleansing. (Reuse of glue styled hair will be difficult due to the oil from the glue remover.)