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Evolve Exotics - Satin Moroccan Edge Scarf #1771


Evolve Exotics

Evolve Satin Edge Scarf 1771 Front

Satin Moroccan Edge Scarf #1771 - Front

Evolve Satin Edge Scarf 1771 Back

Satin Moroccan Edge Scarf #1771 - Back

COMPANY Firstline
BRAND NAME Evolve Exotics
STYLE Satin Moroccan Edge Scarf #1771
PRICE $ 4.99
  • Prevents Frizz and Breakage
  • Edge Control for Secure Fit
  • Edge Protection
  • Secures Relaxed and Wrap Style
  • For Night-Time Use
  • Features a Fitted "Edge" Control Band
  • Keep Edges smooth and Secure at Night
  • 34.5" (88 cm) x 17" (43 cm) (Head to Tail)