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Noonchi - Zodiac Mask - SCORPIO (10/23~11/21)


Washable Face Mask

Noonchi - Scorpio

Zodiac - "SCORPIO"

BRAND NAME Washable Face Mask
STYLE Zodiac - SCORPIO (October 23 ~ November 21)
PRICE $ 7.99
  • Washable Face Mask
  • Comfortable and Easy to Breathe
  • Limestone Alphabet Initial on Side
  • Reusable Facial Mask
  • Handmade
  • Made of Poly/Cotton Fabric
  • Designed for All-Day Wear
  • High-Quality Protective Mask
  • Made in Korea

SCORPIO (October 23 ~ November 21)

Intense, passionate and cunning, Scorpios are "all or nothing" kinds of people. They have a natural ability to enchant others, utilizing their powerful minds and auras to dominate situations and relationships. Deeply emotional, they can brood in the extremes of their feelings. Craving intimacy and psychological depth above all, they navigate the world like a game in order to win and conquer whatever they set their sights upon. With an irresistible quality, Scorpios can be quite secretive, sexual and subtle. They also tend to be very fixed in their ways - unrelenting until they get what they want. While this intensity may seem shocking, Scorpios actually value transformation and rebirth through their heart regardless if a situation proceeds for better or for worse.